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No Wall High Enough was meant to be a co-operative puzzle game, where each player plays as a woman living either side of a wall a NAMELESS DICTATOR is building. Both players must reach the NAMELESS DICTATOR to win, and can plant vines to climb up and also pass their turn to give their companion two turns, making a sacrifice so they can advance their position.

It was made for ResistJam, unfortunately I ran out of time to finish it. I'm leaving to the airport to get on a plane to Thailand in 33 minutes!

So I'm just uploading what I could. It was meant to be a message about working with people on either side of an oppressive regime to grow through its cracks and defeat it, but you know. It can't actually be won right now. So maybe that's the real metaphor here (although I sincerely hope not).

How to play

Default controls (can be remapped for each player):

W: climb up, jump

A: run left

S: climb down

D: run right

B: plant a seed (will grow next time it's your turn again)

N: pass turn (companion gains an extra turn, unless they also passed)


rj0.1.jar 14 MB

Install instructions

To run the jar file you need a java runtime environment installed, which is a very simple process: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html

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